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Trends are ever-changing, it comes and goes. What is trendy today will be an obsolete in the next year. This is why we despise all clichéd things and believe in class, which preserves the same charm and aesthetics years after.

For our distinct clientele, we amalgamate the trend, class and style together and come up with exclusive design to adorn your kitchen, dining space, living area and bedroom with maximum aesthetic beauty. We are Aesthetix Furniture and we believe our clients deserve the finest things in terms of material, design and style. We offer every possible furniture-related solution to you. We have a plethora of office cabinets, fitted home office, TV units, bed-side cabinet and many more.

Customization is our area of expertise. Clients love our bespoke kitchen design ideas. We don’t restrict our clients with our templates, we liberate them to choose to mix and match and colours and design so that they can maintain their singularity and we can take pride on clients’ satisfaction.

Design and innovations

We are passionate about designing out of the box things. Our dedicated team weave thoughts in mind, scribble down innovative ideas and implement those in our furniture design. ‘Exclusive’ is the keyword of our business. We don’t follow trends. With our creative designers we can create trend. Our clients are also welcome to share their thoughts with us. If they need special kitchen cabinets, sliding wardrobe, or modern mirror sliding doors they can share their preferences with us. We believe that together we can create something mesmerizing that we both can cherish.

Along with stunning appearance, we leave no stone unturned to maintain the quality. The mechanisms we use in our furniture are all German-made soft closing.  Endless efforts of our team and prowess of adequate research always keep us ahead of the pack. We embrace technologies so that our products can set examples of an excellent fusion of classy, stylish, new-gen and sturdy.

Materials and colours

Our area of expertise lies in furniture designing, but what we do is renovating your entire place. By adding the furniture in the place, you will be able to rediscover your place in the most amazing way. Wood, metal, ceramic tiles, plywood – you can choose from any of the materials that will suit the theme of your place in a perfect way. Or, you can opt for something completely newfangled by combining the materials.

We prefer playing with shades. With us you will get such soothing, eye-treating and even exotic colours that will confuse you to make a choice. Wait, we have a way out! You don’t have to choose anyone colour, you can go for mix-and-match style that our designers will assist you in.

Meeting Our Designers

We value our entire clientele. Each one of them holds the same importance to us. We prioritize them all. This is why we take special care of what we are providing to them. So that there will be no room for complaint, we arrange a meeting of our designers and our clients. It is important for the designers to get a clear concept of the clients’ need. Afterwards, for a confirmation we send the drawing to the client and proceed the work with their approval.


Designing furniture is our craft. Our team with pool of talents make everything picture-perfect so that our clients get what exactly they desired for, if not more.  Our German mechanism furniture is tested by our professionals and design is made by a secluded team. Also, we don’t leave by handing you over the products; installation is also our area. The trained fitters help our clients get a complete new place decorated by our creations. Our team is our pride. With their collaboration we are what we are today – standing proudly with our singularity.

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